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the introductory weekend

Men....I have three questions for you:


1. What's Holding you back from stepping into your fullness as a man?


2. You've done everything you were told you needed to do to be happy and satisfied, so why are you still feeling as if something is missing in your life?


3. What would you give to seriously begin to shift from your dissatisfaction into an entirely new way of looking at the world and your life in 6 months to a year?

You've heard them...There are a lot of people saying that we are in the midst of the greatest global shift humankind has ever seen...and you've surely heard others are saying that we are faced with problems of such great magnitude that our very existence as a species is threatened. What is readily apparent is that everything is breaking down.  Upon close examination, we can see that both of these competing perspectives are true...the existential question is, which will ultimately come to be first?


Believe it or not, the eventual outcome depends on the decisions we make today.

Our families, our children, our loved ones, our jobs, our way of living...all in danger as everything around us is changing and we must change with it if we are to move through what's going on. You know what I'm talking about. It's why it's more important now than ever for men to step up and embody the New Masculine as Integral Warriors following the path of Sacred Activism, and heal the Wounds of Separation that have brought us to where we are today.

From my book, Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior"It is clearly time for men to wake up. Just a little over one decade into the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in the biggest struggle of our existence: a struggle in which the outcome is still unknown. It is time for men to stop acting like little boys." 


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Hi, everyone...I'm Gary Stamper, the author of the ground-breaking book, Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior. I'm also the creator/founder and facilitator of the cutting-edge men's process, The Integral Warrior. I was the co-founder and moderator of one of the earliest Integral Salons in the world, was a featured speaker for The Shift Network's Ultimate Men's Summit in 2011. 


I was also the creator and founder of the website Collapsing into Consciousness that

helped individuals and communities navigate the global shift that has already begun, and to cope with the many challenges that these changes bring...including what it means to be a man.


I'm going to show you how to successfully navigate those changes, and how to bring more meaning and purpose into your life, no matter what these changes may bring.


The Integral Warrior Men's Process

The Integral Warrior Men's process is a proven no-B.S. process that moves men toward later stage consciousness and assists in our ability to hold ourselves as embodying the New Masculine. 

I could tell you all about using cutting-edge Integral and developmental models combined with the Wisdom of the Shaman with altered-states experiential consciousness, the exploration of the Jungian Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, and the power of Initiation and Ritual missing from our post-modern lives, and how most of us will begin to trust other men for the first time in our lives.


I could tell you about how together we'll create a new paradigm of learning about ourselves, the masculine and the feminine, the shadow and the light of our inner-most being, and how these rising awarenesses accelerate our growth, but what you really care about is wanting to feel good about yourself, your relationships, your life, and knowing that you're finally beginning to live in your fullness. 

It's as simple - and difficult - as that!

How Does it Work?

We start off with a 2-1/2 day Introductory weekend, where an interested circle of men will meet for 2-1/2 days for the Integral Warrior Introductory Weekend. At 7 pm on a Friday night, we'll have an opening circle to introduce ourselves. Through our stories, told, witnessed, and listened to, we'll begin our journey of learning to trust each other, something very few men have learned to do.

The Introductory weekend will give you a chance to evaluate the program, me as a teacher and facilitator, and the potential effectiveness of the process in your life. I have to tell you that this process is not for everyman. The program assumes you have reached a specific level of development and it is here where you'll decide whether the process is right for you and whether you'll continue on through the remaining seven weekends that will take place over the coming months, depending on scheduling.


More on the Introductory Weekend here



Here's some of what we'll we'll be doing together



  • You'll discover how to let go of the competition-driven masculine paradigm we've all been taught, how to develop trust, friendships and support systems with other strong and conscious men who will help and support you in your quest to become your ultimate man.

  • Together we'll activate the inner energies, vision, purpose and drive that moves you to embody your inner freedom.

  • You'll learn how to stand in your awakened masculine compassionate fierceness instead of being a new-age sensitive guy or a macho jerk.

  • You'll become aware of the gold - your greatest gifts inside your greatest fears - that lie in the unclaimed shadow parts of yourself.

  • Uncover what's getting in your way of being the man you're secretly afraid of being, and yet know in your heart you really can - and want to - be. 

  • Develop practices and ways of being that will lead you into living a balanced life in your relationships, work, health, and spirituality.

  • You'll learn how to fully connect with other men in a Sacred "WE" space in a way you never imagined possible, an emergent collective that we are just beginning to understand.

  • Discover through Sacred Marriage how to improve your relationship with the feminine: your own inner feminine, and then especially with your partner or partner-to-be, learning how to stand in the fire of the feminine - yours and hers - without getting burned.

  • You'll awaken to the New Sacred Masculine within you who is capable of being fiercely and tenderly protective of the world and human life, defined by the Integral Warrior and the Sacred Activist within.

Again, the process I've created and present is not for every man. This is cutting-edge emergent evolutionary work. It assumes that you're not new to the concept of expanding consciousness or personal development. There are plenty of other opportunities out there for those who are just beginning to stretch their conscious boundaries.


Don't kid yourself. This is not for the faint of heart or the novice. You will be triggered and pushed and you will be held accountable, not only by me, but by the other men who will demand nothing but your best to enhance the evolutionary imperative that lives within us individually and collectively. You will become life-long friends with each other. 


Join me and a maximum of 12 men also searching for their freedom as we explore the inner, outer, and collective workings of our being for the benefit of our loved ones, the planet, and ourselves.


"It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart. It is time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine. Heart and spine must be united in a single man, and then gone beyond in the fullest expression of love and consciousness possible, which requires a deep relaxation into the infinite openness of this present moment. And this takes a new kind of guts. This is the Way of the Superior Man."
- from The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida



What's in it for me?

You feel it. you ache for it, and yet, you're not even sure what it is. The dissatisfaction with your calling, your job, your relationships, your whole life... your self... any part or all of these. We've lost touch with our authentic selves, how to be with each other, how to be with ourselves, and how to be on the planet. We've forgotten that we're not the masters here, that we are a subset of a larger planetary and universal ecology and that we depend on each other.


We've forgotten how to love and how to open our hearts without giving up our masculine power. We've tuned into the lies our culture has told us and we've forgotten how to be real, connected: to each other, to the planet, to ourselves.


Maybe, just maybe, this is why we humans are facing the possibility of impending extinction. Too many of us live solely for ourselves...and maybe our immediate loved ones. What if it really is "change or die?"


When we live this way, we are not entering the Eternal Tao.


We are not living The Way.

We are not living "Christ-like."


We are not living in harmony with Creation.


You'll learn to live in the present, but not at the sacrifice of the future. You'll learn the greatest gift the masculine can give the feminine: your full presence... and you'll learn the greatest gift the feminine can give the masculine: the ability to live with and hold an open heart.


You'll live more pure, more real, more authentic, with more joy, more peace, and more love. You'll learn the art of holding space: for the planet and seven generations, for strangers, your loved ones, and your children. You'll live differently.


That's what's in it for you.


Read What Men Are Saying


  • "Gary is clearly an inspired leader of the Integral Warrior/Shamanic Priest Process. His knowledge and openness is matched by his humor and centerdness/balance. What he is, he imparts. Afford yourself the gift of this journey."

  • "Gary is a joyous, open and willing spirit who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Shamanic Priest process, which consists of a group of men intimately relating to one another, in a loving and sharing, that can open new vistas from within."

  • "Gary is dedicated to a purpose and a process, very knowledgeable, considerate, and dedicated to creating a more harmonious,
    enlivened, enlightened.....existence on Earth. I would definitely recommend this process to other men."

  • "I look forward to continuing this work with you and whoever else you may enlist."

  • "You and the Integral Warrior process took me deeper than I thought I could go. I now see some of the places I need to work on and look forward to continuing to do this work with you."

  • "I have always been wary of what I call "woo-woo" new age mysticism and I was a little apprehensive about attending this workshop, but it turned out to be a concise, informative, and, more importantly for me, an engaging look at some of the men's work that can improve the quality of my life. Simply put, I feel it will accelerate my growth. I strongly recommend making room for this weekend."

  • "You’re an awesome, knowledgeable man… a skilled teacher with deep knowledge of your subject matter… and a skilled facilitator." 

  • "Gary is one of the most powerful facilitators that I have ever met."

Read what one woman said about her husband

attending the Introductory Weekend

"The synchronicities of this past weekend were just profound. First of all, he LOVED Gary's workshop.  I noticed a change in his demeanor and energy just from the first weekend.  And connecting with the men and himself in that way is what he has been really desiring and missing in his life.  It took all my strength NOT to jump up and down and squeal when he told me all about it, and about how he identified with the "King"...continuing to talk about how much he saw pieces of himself in a way that he could actually understand. My heart just fluttered as it felt so incredibly good to have this opportunity to hear him speak from his heart...and witness the changes!! Gary really set an example for him. He also found the Shadow work to be very revealing to him...he said he could see much of the shadow of the "King" to be much of what he experienced of his own be able to communicate in this way with him has been more than a miracle."

Have the courage to begin a profound journey that will be a powerful catalyst for stepping into a new way of BE-ing that will ignite every aspect of your life - your purpose, your relationships, your communication, your health and wellness, and even your spiritual evolution, allowing you not just to find, but to be the freedom we seek in our lives.

You're going to awaken to the real possibility of becoming the man you've always known you could be, stepping into the truth of who you are in your fullness, cultivating potentials that have called to you, bringing your full presence and awareness to every moment for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

I'm inviting you to take action to break through whatever might be holding you back in your personal, spiritual, and planetary evolution...or whatever is keeping you from feeling that your life has meaning!

the introductory weekend

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Join me and 11 other men also searching for their freedom as we explore the

inner and outer workings of our being for the benefit of our loved ones

and the planet, but mostly for ourselves.

Find out more about Gary's Book by clicking on the image

Read what men have to say about the Introductory Weekend


"You obviously come from the heart with so much knowledge. You blew me away. I am looking forward to learning more from you."


"Gary deeply understands transformational work. You must experience him."

"I came with very high expectations, and this weekend exceeded them."

"Absolutely great weekend - met all of my expectations!"


"I came not expecting much...Man, was I surprised!"

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