From ground-breaking men's work visionary,
author,  and nationally known facilitator
Gary Stamper
Become Your Ultimate Man...
to Live Your Ultimate Life
Everything You've Done in Your Life
Has Brought You to This Moment
The Integral Warrior: Awakening the New Masculine
Have the courage to begin the profound journey that will be a powerful catalyst for stepping into a new way of BE-ing that will ignite every aspect of your life, your purpose - your relationships, your communication, your health and wellness, and even your spiritual evolution, allowing you not just to find, but to be the freedom we seek in our lives. 
You're going to awaken to the real possibility of becoming the man you've always known you could be, stepping into the truth of who you are in your fullness, cultivating potentials that exist in you, bringing your full presence and awareness to every moment for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.  

Best of all, you'll do this in the safety of a conscious men's circle - engaging with men from all walks of life - consisting of teachings, cognitive and experiential processes, practices, support and safety, beginning with a 2-day introductory weekend  and an additional seven 3-day sessions over the course of several months, and an exclusive online forum only for course participants. For details on each of the weekends, scroll further down.

Discover new ways to live, work, play, and love in an emerging consciousness with ground-breaking men's work visionary and nationally-known facilitator and author, Gary Stamper.

Learn how to step into the full expression
of the New Masculine  


  • Discover how to let go of the competition-driven masculine paradigm we've all been taught, how to develop trust, friendships and support systems with other strong and conscious men who will help and support you in your quest to become your ultimate man.

  • Learn the secrets of being Independent as opposed to being codependent or dependent.

  • Become aware of the gold - your greatest gifts - that lie in the shadow parts of yourself you cannot acknowledge.

  • Uncover what's getting in your way of being the man you're secretly afraid of being, and yet know deep in your heart you really are. 

  • Discover practices and ways of be-ing that will lead you into living a balanced life in your relationships, work, health, spirituality, and your inner freedom.

  • Discover and activate the inner energies, vision, purpose and drive that moves you to embodying that inner freedom.

  • Learn how to stand in your awakened masculine compassionate fierceness instead of being the proverbial new-age  sensitive guy or a macho jerk.

  • Discover how to improve your relationship with the feminine: your own and especially with your partner, learning how to stand in her fire, unscathed, strong and loving.

  • Awaken to the New Sacred Masculine within you who is capable of being fiercely and tenderly protective of the planet and life, defined by the Integral Warrior and the Sacred Activist within.

  • Using cutting-edge integral and developmental technologies, Jungian archetypes, ancient shamanic altered-states wisdom, and initiation and ritual, all in a no-bullshit way, Gary helps men step into a new way of BE-ing that allows them to live into their fullness.

from Awakening the New Masculine: "It is clearly time for men to wake up. Just a little over one decade into the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in the biggest struggle of our existence: a struggle in which the outcome is still unknown. It is time for men to stop acting like little boys."

So begins nationally known men's workshop facilitator Gary Stamper's book "Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior." Using find, but to be the full expression of the freedom we look for as men. With that freedom comes a deepening and a relaxation in relationships, work, life, play, love, and spirit

When you step into the truth of who you are, speaking from your heart, your partner - your friends, your children, your work relationships - will relax and trust you. You want to change the world....we start by changing ourselves.

It's time to transcend the archetypes of the bully and the over-feminized sensitive new age guy. 

Seven Powerful Weekends over a multi-month period


* How to perform miracles
* Initiation and ritual to anchor all of our experiences and learning...
* Shamanic Astrology as a tool to balance our own masculine and feminine energies...
* States and Stages of consciousness, the difference and how we can use them to evolve...
* Shamanic Journeying, breathwork, and altered-state experiences to uncover our personal shadows...
* Balancing all of our masculine archetypes so they empower and assist each other in every aspect of our lives...
* Integral and developmental theory and how and why we change and how to hasten the process of transformation... 
* Three stages of Masculinity & How the masculine grows...
* Using Archetypes, Initiation and Ritual to help men  shift into embodying the New Masculine...
* In-depth examination of the Masculine   Archetypes, including the shadow and the light...

* Much, much more!


For details of each of the segments, Click here


Includes these processes and more


In this practice, we begin the process of re-owning our shadow. We'll FACE our shadow in 3rd-person; we'll TALK to our shadow in a 2nd-person dialogue; and we'll BE our shadow in 1st-person. Face it, Talk to it, Be it...It's that simple.

a powerful healing process using the breath to create an altered state of consciousness that inspires individuals to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer.



A powerful experience of the oneness and connectedness of the universe and the non-dual realization.

Discover your hidden inner shaman, how to know they are your true hidden inner shaman, communicate with the deepest layers of your psyche; Ask them any question you may have and access wisdom and knowledge from the deepest places within you that already knows the answers.


A Guided body-felt experience of the Non-Dual, a step into Oneness to help you discover your original face.


Understand the feminine path to your enlightenment. Use your knowledge of your inner feminine to improve your relationship with the feminine, yourself, and all of the women in your life.

"It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart. It is time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine. Heart and spine must be united in a single man, and then gone beyond in the fullest expression of love and consciousness possible, which requires a deep relaxation into the infinite openness of this present moment. And this takes a new kind of guts. This is the Way of the Superior Man." - from The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida

Gary 2019.jpg

Facilitator and creator of The Integral Warrior Men's process and author of Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior."

Gary holds a Doctorate in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies and is an ordained Shamanic Minister in the lineage the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, west of Asheville, North Carolina. Gary is a Shamanic Priest, a Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator. Gary is also an award-winning artist, was a professional singer and musician for over ten years, and occasionally does stand-up comedy for special events.

He has been a pioneer in the Integral Salon movement, having co-founded and led SeattleIntegral, one of the largest integral salons in the world and a model for other salons around the world. Gary was also a founding member of the integral leadership Salon, an international consortium of salon leaders, and has a certificate in “Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems” from Seattle’s Pacific Integral.


Gary is also the co-founder and co-facilitator of the relationship workshop “Discovering Your Sacred Purpose as a Couple” and the new breakout workshop "Calling in the Beloved." His passions include creating community and sharing with others how to embody the Integral and Shamanic consciousness of the Spiritual Warrior.

Today, Gary works with men through his Integral Life Coaching practice - Old Dog New Tricks - by supporting men in being compassionate badasses after they retire, and he is also the president of the Napa Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.


Read Gary's blog - The Integral Warrior - on the Divine Masculine and more.



A stand-alone weekend to let men decide if they want to complete the entire process. COST: $300 with no obligation to continue.  Deposit/Registration fee for the Introductory Weekend is $150.00, non-refundable within four weeks of the starting date, and applies toward full process 6-week tuition. Open to men only. Read MORE about the Introductory weekend here



Seven additional weekends are available to complete the entire process and emerge as an Integral Warrior.  Ordination as a Shamanic Minister is available for an additional cost through Venus Rising Institute. This process is only open only to men. Click here for additional information on all seven weekends.

Addt'l Seven Weekend Cost: $2,600.00 - This is a committed series and when you decide to continue after the introductory weekend you commit to attending all sessions. Pre-registration and full payment for the additional seven weekends is required 4 weeks prior to the 2nd weekend. 

Email about scholarship options and partial energy trades.

*The Parent organization of the Integral Warrior is a 501(c)(3) non-profit non-denominational church. The workshop, travel, food, and lodging may be tax deductible. Consult with your tax accountant.

The Integral Warrior/Shamanic Priest process Emergence Ceremony

What Men Are Saying:


"Gary is clearly an inspired leader of the Integral Warrior/Shamanic Priest Process. His knowledge and openness is matched by his humor and centerdness/balance. What he is, he imparts. Afford yourself the gift of this journey."


"Gary is an joyous, open and willing spirit who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Shamanic Priest process, which consists of a group of men intimately relating to one another, in a loving and sharing, that can open new vistas from within."


"Gary is dedicated to a purpose and a process, very knowledgeable, considerate, and dedicated to creating a more harmonious, enlivened, enlightened.....existence on Earth. I would definitely recommend this process to other men."


"I look forward to continuing this work with you and whoever else you may enlist."


"You and the Integral Warrior process took me deeper than I thought I could go. I now see some of the places I need to work on and look forward to continuing to do this work with you."


"I have always been wary of what I call "woo-woo" new age mysticism and I was a little apprehensive about attending this workshop, but it turned out to be a concise, informative, and, more importantly for me, an engaging look at some of the men's work that can improve the quality of my life. Simply put, I feel it will accelerate my growth. I strongly recommend making room for this weekend."


"You’re an awesome, knowledgeable man… a skilled teacher with deep knowledge of your subject matter… and a skilled facilitator." 


"Gary is one of the most powerful facilitators that I have ever met."



Read what a Mankind Project Man has to say about the Integral Warrior! Click here


What one woman said about her husband attending the first weekend:

"The synchronicities of this past weekend were just profound. First of all, he LOVED Gary's workshop.  I noticed a change in his demeanor and energy just from the first weekend.  And connecting with the men and himself in that way is what he has been really desiring and missing in his life.  It took all my strength NOT to jump up and down and squeal when he told me all about it, and about how he identified with the "King"...continuing to talk about how much he saw pieces of himself in a way that he could actually understand. My heart just fluttered as it felt so incredibly good to have this opportunity to hear him speak from his heart...and witness the changes!! Gary really set an example for him. He also found the Shadow work to be very revealing to him...he said he could see much of the shadow of the "King" to be much of what he experienced of his own be able to communicate in this way with him has been more than a miracle." 

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