“Something very ancient and very new is being presented here! Gary Stamper is bringing together many disciplines, much experience, fine scholarship, and good writing style too.” – [Fr] Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Author of Wild Man to Wise Man and Adam’s Return.

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"Gary Stamper's vision of the new integral man is a refreshing departure from the mythic visions of the past, but without abandoning their power or magic" -  Allan Combs, author of Consciousness Explained Better, The Radiance of Being, etc.

"Awakening The New Masculine is a brave, exciting, and significant contribution to one of the most important aspects of our time - The birth of a New Sacred Masculine capable of being fiercely and tenderly protective of the world and human life." - Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism and many other books.

"Gary Stamper has done a masterful job of pulling together various integral and visionary shamanic approaches to assist the change that is ready to be activated within us all." - Linda Star Wolf, author of many books, including Visionary Shamanism: Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field'

“Awakening The New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior“ is a bridge from the first wave of the mythopoetic men’s movement of the last forty years to what is only now beginning to emerge. Gary points the way to the second wave of men’s work with humor, intelligence, and the kind of compassion that holds men accountable, daring, insisting, giving them the tools they need to step up to a new way of being men.

The book, and the workshop, combine cutting-edge integral and developmental systems, ancient shamanic wisdom technologies and practices, a combination of altered states and cognitive work which provide anchors for each other, integrating and balancing the Jungian Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, and the masculine and the feminine in Sacred Union for a truly balanced life, and the importance of Sacred Activism in the life of The Integral Warrior. From the introduction:

“It is clearly time for men to wake up. Just a little over one decade into the 21st Century,  finding ourselves in the biggest struggle of our existence – a struggle where the outcome is still unknown – It is time for men to stop acting like little boys.

No longer faced with mere territorial struggles, the consequences humankind faces today are global, and we are faced with the very real possibility of our own demise as a species. To be sure, these are issues of patriarchal power and of the light and dark forces on the planet facing off against one another. it is the oldest story on the planet, and it’s time for the patriarchy to be disassembled and for its sons to grow up.


Never before in human history has humankind been this close to a global psycho-social spiritual awakening. At the same time. never have we been in such danger of being swept into a global totalitarianism, potentially more oppressive than any system known before. Technology, in the hand of little boys pretending to be men, has led us to this new geopolitical reality. Never before have we been called to wake up on the scale that is required today."

For more than a decade, Gary's work with men has been all about awakening the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Activist within the masculine.”

It’s time to transcend the archetypes of the bully

 and the over-feminized sensitive new age guy.

Experience a new way of looking at and embodying what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

Discover new ways to live, work, play, and love in an emerging consciousness with ground-breaking men’s work visionary and nationally-known facilitator, Gary Stamper.


Gary shows men how to step into a new way of BE-ing that allows them not to just find, but to be the freedom we look for as men. With that freedom comes a deepening and a relaxation in relationships, work, life, play, love, and spirit. When you step into the truth of who you are, speaking from your heart, your partner – your friends, your children, your work relationships – will relax and trust you. You want to change the world….we start by changing ourselves.

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Gary Stamper, Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior

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The Path of the Integral Warrior
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