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Part of "The Integral Warrior" series of workshops from Gary Stamper

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. - Charles Darwin 


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Workshop Investment: $200.00 (if paid $25 weekly), save $40 if paid in advance (MKP men, ask about special discount)

An Invitation to Explore and Embody the New Masculine

This is an opportunity to represent, model and embody, aspects of The New Masculine and to contribute to the development of other men who, like you, are on a conscious evolutionary path. This invitation invites you, and others, to learn how to more deeply embody the highest form of the new masculine, all learning from each other. 

What is a Men's group?

A men’s group is a group of men who meet regularly and are committed to the goals of learning to serve each other to deeper spiritual growth, keeping each other true to their deepest life’s purpose, and practicing giving their unique gifts to each other and the world. The teachings for this group will be based on the David Deida book, The Way of the Superior Man.

What will happen at Meetings?

Each meeting will follow a structured agenda of exercises with time included for giving each other feedback and encouragement in their practices of deep living based on the book The Way of the Superior Man and other teachings by David Deida.

Why should I join a Men's group?

Many men know how hard it is to follow through with deep, spiritual teachings in their everyday lives without any kind of support. Many have experienced the so called “rubber band effect” after attending a profound workshop or intensive. “Rubber-banding” is when you get stretched open beyond your normal boundaries in a challenging, or ecstatic situation, but then “snap back” to your more habitual patterns of behavior when you return to your everyday life. A men’s group provides a conscious community to support men’s continued growth of deep understanding and practice.

What will it cost, and what kind of commitment will be required?

Each member of the Men's group will be asked to donate $25 per meeting (discounts and partial scholarships available) to help cover the cost and time of putting the meetings together. After the first meeting, each man will be able to decide if he wishes to commit to the remaining seven weeknights (refunds available). The group will meet once a week for eight weeks, and a commitment must be made to attend then remaining seven meetings except in the case of an emergency. As a committed process, meeting dues are due even if you are unable to attend.

What will I need for the group?

You will also need to pick up a copy of The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. It can be purchased for about $10 on Also, bring a journal with you.

Five reasons for a man to join a Men's Group:

Taken from "Way of the Superior Man", by David Deida


"A man discovers and fine tunes his purpose in solitude, in challenging situations, and in the company of other men who won’t settle for his bullshit. A mans’ capacity to receive another mans direct criticism is a measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy." Chap. 10  


"Your mission is your priority, and unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened, as will your presence with your intimate partner." Chap 30


"Be in the company of other men who are dedicated their lives to integrity, truth, and the heart. Men who are dedicated to live with an open heart and give their deepest gifts of love, mission and presence. The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth." Chap 9 


"Choose men friends who themselves are living at their edge, facing their fears and living just beyond them. Men of this kind can love you without protecting you from necessary confrontation with reality that your life involves." Chap 10


"At least once a week, get together with your men friends to serve one another. Cut through the bullshit and talk with each other straight. Welcome such criticisms from your friends. Suggest challenges for each other to take on, in order to bring each other through the fears which limit your surrender in gifting." Chap 50