Calling in the Beloved: Preparing for the Sacred real-lationship you've always wanted


There is a place within all of us where we can be truly, deeply, and profoundly met. It is a place where we can transcend our egos for a higher purpose while staying grounded in our own needs. It is a place of authenticity and compassion. It is where we are seen in all of our light and purpose, in our shortcomings and faults, and still seen as perfect. It is where we come fully, and consciously, into the fullness of ourselves as divine beings. 

Relationship is a path to transformation. Once in place, it is, quite simply, the simplest, most available, immediate practice to transformation and transcendent experience we can have...the most life changing, here-it-is-folks, non-dual, ordinary path to spiritual realization, and the combination of states and stages puts one on the fast track to Spirit.

This workshop recognizes that, while transformation and awakening is one of the reasons you want to call a Beloved, it's not the only reason. Your heart is calling to you.

Come answer that call......

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Richmond, Virginia, April 24-25, 2010

Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 26-27, 2010

Atlanta, GA (dates to be announced)

Los Angeles, CA (dates to be announced)


What people are saying:

" hold space extremely well and naturally. The right blend of organization and spontaneity that the weekend felt like it flowed and was not forced. Plus it was fun."

  "I loved the weekend, I felt it covered many good topics, seemed well balanced between teaching and activity. The group formed quickly and I believe that had a lot to do with the way it was facilitated."

"I loved the calling in ritual …….. That was pure novelty and fun!!"

"I would recommend it to others…felt it is a good way to be more fully committed to the process of calling in a partner."

"Thank you, I had fun and I feel hopeful, that’s what it’s all about!!


"I keep going deeper and deeper with you.
my depth with you
has no boundaries.
My long distance lover,
my precious Beloved,
the one I've been preparing for
all my life;
I stand before you
surrendering to
and surrendering through
How we are,
Who we are,
What we are.
Nothing less than God." 
  - Gary Stamper

When your chest is free of your limiting ego, Then you will see the ageless Beloved. You can not see yourself without a mirror; Look at the Beloved, They are the brightest mirror. -Rumi


copyright 2009 Gary Stamper